Hey, my name is Matilda but all my friends call me Tilly. Im going to tell you a little bit about me.

Family- I have two brothers there names are Riley and Declan they are twins. My mums name is Wendy. My dad’s name is Craig.

Pets- I have one dog his name is Jed and he is a Labrador.

Likes- I like playing sport and I like to run! I love Ice cream!

Dislikes- Cleaning my room and Getting out of bed

Lucky number-  My lucky number is 3.

Thanks for reading!

comment your Lucky number

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  1. Hey Tilda
    Thanks for the news,
    I know you love icecream because you always eat all the icecream in our freezer!
    love you lots xxxx

  2. HI Tily,
    My name is Jen. I am your mentor for the challenge. How are you going with the challenge?
    There are some new challenges posted so hoping to see how you go with them.

    1. Hello, My teacher has been away on holidays in USA she is back now so i’m on my blog again doing some challenges.

      1. ok.
        1- cartoon animals?!
        2- dingo
        3- red panda
        4- puppies
        5- horse
        6- unicorn??!!
        7- bear
        8- whale
        9- bird
        What About You?

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